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     1Ontology views grant 
     2Initial kickoff meeting 
     3Meeting summary 3/21/07 
     4Jim Brinkley 
     6Present: * = curently paid on this grant at varying percentages 
     7   Faculty 
     8         Jim Brinkley* 
     9         Linda Shapiro* 
     10         Dan Cook*     
     11         John Gennari* 
     12   Staff 
     13         Todd Detwiler*     
     14         Joshua Franklin* 
     15         Onard Mejino* 
     16   Students     
     17         Max Neal      
     18         Alan Au           
     19         Rosalia Tungaraza       
     20         Gary Yngve             gyngve@u.washington 
     21Others not able to make it, but part of this grant: 
     22   UW 
     23        Dan Suciu*     
     24   Stanford 
     25        Mark Musen*    
     26        Natasha Noy*   
     27        Daniel Rubin*  
     28        Archana Vembakam* 
     30This initial meeting was mostly devoted to introductions, and a review 
     31of the aims and tasks for the grant by Jim Brinkley. We agreed to hold 
     32mostly weekly one hour meetings for all who want to be part of this, 
     33but especially those paid directly on the grant.  The meetings will be 
     34on Wednesdays at 10:30 in CSE 678 (Habib room). My guess is that we'll 
     35be able to arrange teleconferencing with Stanford from there once we 
     36work out the logistics. I have a conflicting meeting once a month 
     37(first Wed of the month) at 10:30, so I at least will only be there 
     38three out of the four weeks - but thats probably enough anyway. 
     40So far the group is too big for detailed discussions on every topic, 
     41so my thought is that the purpose of this larger meeting is for 
     42everyone to stay up to speed with what people are doing, initially 
     43through overview progress reports, and later through more detailed 
     44reports from individuals on successive weeks. Throughout I will always 
     45be trying to relate these efforts to the aims and tasks of the grant, 
     46as I hope others will too. 
     48Then, either directly after the larger meeting or at different times 
     49smaller groups can meet to get the real work done in the specific 
     52As it turns out several people have already been working in 
     53areas that can contribute to the aims, so next week we will hear brief 
     54overviews of these efforts. 
     56Joshua Franklin has already created a project Wiki, at 
     57 This Wiki 
     58will have these notes and other relevant documents and pointers to 
     59demos. For example we will upload the aims and tasks of the grant as 
     60written, including assignment of personnel as written, as a basis for 
     61discussion - we will undoubtedly want to change these. 
     63Next meeting is Wed March 28 at 10:30 in CSE 678.