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Ontology Annotation Grant Proposal queries

This page was created to provide a single access point grouping together the queries referenced from the Ontology Annotation grant proposal.

  1. SLF connectivity query: This vSPARQL query accesses the FMA to determine the anatomical locations of gray matter regions connected by the right SLF. The query identifies parts of the Right SLF which contain the projects_from and projects_to relationships to gray matter regions. It then identifies the larger AAL-annotated regions of which these connected regions are part. In addition to the FMA identifiers, the associated AAL IDs and labels are also returned (as RDF).
  1. AIM web service query: This DXQuery calls the SLF connectivity query to get the AAL IDs of (super) gray matter regions connected by the right SLF. It uses the AAL IDs as parameters to the AIM web service which returns an AIM XML annotation of the mean z-score for each given region.