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Meeting minutes from 6/29/2007


  • From UW - Jim Brinkley, Dan Cook, Dan Suciu, John Gennari, Onard Mejino, Todd Detwiler, Max Neal, Gary Yngve;
  • From Stanford - Mark Musen, Daniel Rubin, Natasha Noy;
  • From UCSD - Maryann Martone


  1. Meeting agenda and talks are summarized in the attachments below.
  1. Jim suggested the following task-related assignments based on the various aspects of the grant:
  • View theory: Dan Suciu, Todd Detwiler, Natasha Noy, Marianne Shaw (UW CS student)
  • Implementation of the view query processor: Todd Detwiler, Dan Suciu, Marianne Shaw, Joshua Franklin, Daniel Rubin (connection to Stanford programmer)
  • View generator (GUI): Gary Yngve, Linda Shapiro (CS prof), Peggy Storey, Natasha Noy
  • Simulation use case: Dan Cook, Max Neal, John Gennari, Daniel Rubin
  • BIRNLex and neuroanatomy: Maryann Martone, Onard Mejino, Daniel Rubin
  • RadLEX: Daniel Rubin, Onard Mejino, Todd Detwiler, Joshua Franklin

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