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Meeting minutes from 4/25/2007

Attending: Jim, Dan C, Linda, John, Onard, Todd, Max, Gary, Jeff

Today’s meeting was mainly on progress reports.

  1. Jim proposed a date for the big meeting in Stanford, either on June 25th or June 29th. Most members of the group prefer the former. It will be a one-day meeting with the morning session for content and content-related topics and the afternoon session for the technical details of the grant.
  1. Onard reported on his progress on the use cases for the project.

a. RadLex: this is a radiology terminology project in need of deeper anatomical knowledge. Onard will be working with Daniel Rubin in identifying the needs and requirements for enhancing and extending RadLex and how the FMA can provide additional content as well as an ontology framework to the said project. b. ApplModel: ongoing discussions with the ApplModel group continues. c. NeuroFMA: work continues on class re-assignments of neuroanatomical entities. New neuroanatomical partitions identified by DTI (diffuse tension imaging) technique are being evaluated and considered for incorporation into the neuroFMA. d. SNOMED: there is renewed interest in aligning the anatomy axis of SNOMED with the FMA but it remains to be determined how this fits into the plans.

  1. Dan C provided clarification that it is specific models like the J-SIM CV model that are being represented and implemented ontologically in Protégé and not an ontology of all possible kinds of ApplModels.
  1. Todd gave an update on the FMA-OWL SparQL query service prototype. The prototype has been cleaned up and expanded to do both SELECT and CONSTRUCT queries. It has been wrapped in a web-service and will be deployed with a public demo client soon.
  1. Gary gave a demo of his visualization tool for the FMA. He indicated that a necessary first step is to test for inconsistencies in the FMA as that can affect the performance and reliability of the tool. He showed a navigable graphical display of the “generic part” relationship between anatomical entities. Next he will try to incorporate multiple relations, particularly the different kinds of part relation, such as regional part, constitutional part and systemic part.
  1. John suggested that the group should post a public wiki page of the project, possibly through BHI. However any work in progress should be kept private. Only working demos should be available to the public.