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Meeting minutes from 4/11/2007

Date: 4/11/2007 10:30AM
Attending: Jeff Z., Jim, Linda, Todd, Onard, Dan C., Dan S., John, Josh, Alan, Max, Gary

General Overview Comments

  • We are still looking for a student to work with Dan S. on ontology view languages
  • Gary is considering changing his thesis focus to ontology visualization
    • Gary will graduate before project is completed
    • Rosalia may be interested in taking over visualization work after Gary graduates
  • Jim has talked to Daniel Rubin and agreed that we need to go to Stanford for a meeting
    • The first meeting will probably include a lot of the grant participants
  • PSB has a multi-scale model track this year
  • We decided that, in the future, this meeting will be held twice a month, instead of weekly (still for one hour).

Todd Detwiler

  • Briefly mentioned the initial prototype of an FMA-OWL SparQL service for the FMA in OWL, with a persistent storage back-end.