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     1= Meeting minutes from 12/05/2007 = 
     3=== Summary: === 
     5We talked a little yesterday about what has to happen to get any Protege 
     6ontology to work with my browser (for OWL, there's an additional layer of 
     7indirection that needs to be removed by reasoning). 
     9a few hard-coded stuff that I had done previously in effort to get a result out 
     12- some stuff dealing with :THING and templates 
     14- subslots 
     16what needs to be specified per ontology: 
     18- specify the name of the slot that represents :DIRECT-SUBCLASSES (if Protege, 
     19this should always be the same) 
     21- specify the name of the slot that represents the human-readable name 
     22of the frame (could be the frame name or another slot), and possibly 
     23any prefixes to discard 
     25- startup entity, startup relation when starting from scratch 
     26(by default it would be the root entity and subclass, whereas I think 
     27for the FMA, human body and part would be better for a new user) 
     29- entities/relations to be categorized as favorite / common so that they 
     30are easier to access (e.g. subclass, part, human body, M/F human body) 
     32- names of slots to be indexed by Lucene, and what category they fall under: 
     33name, alternate names, details/descriptions/comments 
     35- any abbreviations to use (e.g. L for left) for an abbreviated label