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Meeting minutes from 10/30/2007


  • From UW - Jim Brinkley, Dan Cook, Linda Shapiro, John Gennari, Onard Mejino, Todd Detwiler, Josh Franklin, Max Neal, Gary Yngve, Marianne Shaw, Jeff Zavaleta;
  • From Stanford - Daniel Rubin


Todd presented on two separate but related topics:

  1. We have seen previously how to issue SparQL queries to ontologies like the FMA, that are in OWL full and represent direct relationships between classes. What sort of SparQL queries are needed to discern the relationships between classes in OWL DL ontologies where such relationships are actually represented as subclass relationships with blank nodes defined by property restrictions.
  2. Using Jena ARQ property functions, he extended SparQL processing by adding custom functions to compute transitive closure as well as other regular path patterns in semantic web graphs.

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