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Meeting minutes from 05/13/2008


  • UW: Jim Brinkley, Dan Cook, Todd Detwiler, Jiun-Hung Chen, Onard Mejino


Jiun-Hung showed some examples of the work he had done in segmenting major organs like the spleen and the right and left kidneys in CT scans using an open source software tool called ITK-SNAP. Onard helped segment sections where anatomical expertise was needed. Jiun-Hung also demonstrated how 3-D models can be created from the 2-D segmented slices. The goal is to create ground truths for those major organs which will then be used to test the efficiency of Jiun-Hung’s method in identifying and segmenting the same said organs in unlabeled samples.

There was discussion on how best to follow up on the possibility of collaboration with IBM on their AnatomyLens project. It was not entirely clear yet what the group can offer IBM in the context of the current views project. Dan and Onard did some preliminary tests on recall and accuracy of IBM’s search engine and were not impressed with the results. Jim suggested that the group reports the findings to IBM and probably get some general ideas or some background on how IBM supports the search engine.