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Meeting minutes from 05/13/2008


  • UW: Jim Brinkley, Dan Cook, Linda Shapiro, Todd Detwiler, Dan Suciu, Marianne Shaw, Jiun-Hung Chen, Onard Mejino, Wolfgang Gatterbauer
  • Stanford: Daniel Rubin


  1. Todd introduced a new property function in Gleen, "Subgraph", that binds all of the triples traversed during the evaluation of a path expression. He tried to illustrate what would be returned through an expression and a graph that he drew on the board.

A multi-source query which combines results from Antoine's spatial query database with results from the FMA. The spatial query service tells us what is anterior to a given structure, in this case "Abdominal part of esophagus", while the FMA tells us which of these results are organs.

A sample call to Subgraph which demonstrates that that cyclic paths can be properly handled.

A VSparQL/Gleen hybrid query which produces the Liver view as described in Marianne's AMIA paper.

  1. Jiun-Hung presented the initial results of the algorithm he used to identify the liver in a set of 5000 CT scans from 20 patients. See the attached slides.