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Meeting minutes from 01/22/2008


  • Jim Brinkley, Dan Cook, Dan Suciu, Onard Mejino, Todd Detwiler, Josh Franklin, Marianne Shaw, Jiun-Hung Chen

Summary of Marianne's report:

A first cut at recursive queries is working. At the moment, only in-memory recursive queries are working; we do not yet pass the query down to our SQL model. A sample query is:

PREFIX xsd: <> PREFIX mar: <http://localhost/mar/> PREFIX : <.>

SELECT * FROM <tc> [ CONSTRUCT { ?a ?b ?c }

FROM <graph0.ttl>

WHERE { ?a ?b ?c }


CONSTRUCT { ?a ?b ?d } FROM <tc> FROM NAMED <graph0.ttl> WHERE { ?a ?b ?c .

GRAPH <graph0.ttl> {?c ?b ?d .}



WHERE { ?x ?y ?z }

marianne is still working on adding Skolem functions.