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It should be possible to run the i2b2 Hive on Windows with Windows JBoss and Oracle, but the i2b2 instructions are for Linux. I put all downloads needed for the i2b2 Hive on Linux here:

This includes the i2b2 Hive 1.0 (November 2007) and demo Data zip files, Tomcat 5.5.23, JBoss 4.2.0GA, Oracle 10g XE, Ant 1.6.5 and Axis2 1.1. You should use Java 1.5 packages for your OS. On Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, you can install Java, Ant, and Tomcat with the command:

yum install java-1.5.0-sun-devel ant tomcat5-admin-webapps

If you are at UW and want to install RHEL5 in a spare or virtual machine, there are instructions at

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