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Frames2OWL Conversion Tool


This tool converts ontologies written in the Protege Frames formalism into OWL2 ontologies. Though it is configurable and in some ways general, it was primarily intended to convert 2 specific ontologies:

  1. The Foundational Model of Anatomy (FMA)
  2. The Ontology of Craniofacial Development and Malformation (actually a collection of ontologies)

The tool and source code are freely available (Apache 2.0 license). It may be helpful for similar conversions, but as written only contains conversions for modeling patterns found in the 2 above ontologies. You may review it or use it as you wish. However, there remains some undone code documentation and clean-up (i.e. removing code blocks that are no longer in use). We have not yet written any sort of tutorial or usage instructions. These will likely be produced as needed (so do let us know if you are trying to reuse this converter).


The source code is presently hosted on GitHub at the following address:

Technical Report

The details of this conversion are highlighted in a technical report attached here attachment:frames2owl_techreport.pdf