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Contributor Attribution

Current Approach:

Submissions to the FMA are given provenance attributions on an axiom level. Each accepted axiom is annotated with the dc:contributor property. Values of said annotations are individuals of type dc:Agent. Each Agent has a dc:description annotation into which we place a structured string (this may get replaced with an actual structure in the future). The structure of description strings are in the form of a comma delineated list of descriptors. Each descriptor has the form "key: value". Here is an example:

Name: John Doe, 
Organization: Foo University, 
Project: The Bar Project, 
Funding: NCI xxx

The keys in the above should be reused for future contributor attributions, specifically Name, ORCID, Organization, Project, and Funding. None of those fields are required and others may be needed. But we'd like to avoid using, for example, Institution next time if we mean the same thing as Organization. These structured strings were stored within individuals to facilitate easy author reuse.