BIOL Seminar


The BIOL seminar (babes in OWL land) is a discussion group focussing on the practical issues of working with OWL. These includes both technical and conceptual difficulties encountered when representing knowledge in OWL as well as those encountered during retrieval or use of such knowledge (i.e. querying, reasoning, etc.).


Fridays at 2:30PM in I264

Past Meetings

09/26/2008Dan Cook??
10/03/2008Todd DetwilerNamespaces in OWLnamespacesInOWL.pdf
10/10/2008Michal GaldzickiAnonymous OWL ClassesGaldzicki_BIOL_OWL_Anonymous_Classes.pdf
11/14/2008Group DiscussionCircularity or cycles in OWL11.14.2OO8.circularity.pdf
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