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Connecting from home via VPN

NOTE: In order for a user to be able to access the VPN server they will need to be added to the VPN access control list via the Admin Console manager, see below.

Quick Steps to setting up VPN:

  1. Goto Start-> Control Panel -> Network Connections
  2. Click on 'Create New Connection' (On win2K it will be a icon, on winXP it will be on the left sidebar)
  3. Click next on the wizard panel that appears.
  4. On the next screen select the option that says 'Connect to Network' or something similar. (On win2k it will be the 3rd option, on XP it will be the second.)
  5. If it asks you dial-up or VPN select VPN
  6. On the next few screens it will ask for the Server Name and the Server IP address, but the order will depend on the version of windows. Just make sure the IP is set to and the name doesn't matter, you can set it to the same as the IP if you like.
  7. Finish the wizard and the shortcut will be placed on your desktop, and will also appear in the Control Panel -> Network Connections window.
  8. Double click the shortcut icon and connect using your Domain Username and Password.

Adding a domain user account to the VPN access list

  1. Remotely log-in to one of the windows domain controllers.
  2. Open the Admin Console (double click the Admin Console.mmc icon on the desktop)
  3. Navigate in the side window to Active Directory -> Active Directory Users and Computers -> -> Users
  4. Scroll down to the desired user (which will be displayed on the right side) and double click their name to open the properties window.
  5. Select tab "Dial-in" and on the first option labled "Remote Access Permission (Dial-in or VPN)" select "Allow access" and click OK.
  6. The user will now be able to log into the VPN server and join the SIG network via VPN tunneling.

Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard)

  • Choose > Apple > System Preferences > click Network
  • Click Add (+) at the bottom of the network connection services list
  • For Interface Select VPN
  • VPN Type: PPTP
  • Service Name: UW SIG VPN
  • Click Create
  • Configuration: Default
  • Server Address:
  • Account name: your_username
  • Select Authentication Settings > type password
  • Select Show VPN Status in Menu Bar
  • Click Connect

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