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Some tips, mostly picked up from the UW TechSupport list.

Cached login on a laptop

Windows caches the last N successful logins, where N is set by group policy and defaults to 10. I do not believe it is time based, or at least does not default as time based. N can be set in gpedit.msc

local computer policy -> Computer Configuration -> Windows Settings -> Security Settings -> Local Policies -> Security Options

Check out MS KB913485 for everything you never wanted to know on the subject.

Boot problems

If you move a drive with Windows to another computer, on boot you may get a Stop 0x0000007b error because of a different Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL). Below are the steps to change the HAL Windows sees at boot to ACPI; for a description of HALs other than the Halacpi.dll look here:;en-us;309283

  1. Boot to XP SP2 Install Media (I used a Dell CD)
  2. Choose “R” to repair via the Recovery Console
  3. Choose the installation (usually number 1)
  4. Enter the local admin password
  5. At the C:\Windows prompt, type cd system32
  6. Type expand d:\i386\halacpi.dl_
  7. Type copy halacpi.dll hal.dll,
  8. Type y to overwrite
  9. Type expand ntoskrnl.ex_
  10. Type y to overwrite
  11. Type exit to reboot
  12. Remove CD

Language Packs/IME

Here is a good guide to installing languages: