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SIG Windows Systems Administration Overview

The windows based computing network in the SIG labs is comprised of user workstations, 1 Windows 2000 Server (viscus), and 1 Backup Server (vomer).


All of the windows workstations are running Windows XP Pro. For the most part each machine is used by a particular user, but can also be easily be used by multiple users with seperate login accounts via domain login. This means there is a mix of local and domain accounts depending on user preference and whether they require logging in on multiple machines or just on their primary workstation.

Workstations are set to update windows every day at around 3:00am. They are set to auto install and reboot the machine if necessary. Because of this it is important for windows to reboot after system critical patches it is recommended for users not to lock their machines overnight and instead fully log out. This will allow windows to reboot after applying a critical patch if necessary.

Workstations have several basic applications that are auto-installed and updated by the domain software install script. This includes Mozilla Firefox and McAfee VirusScan?. Each workstation may have applications that were purchased/downloaded and installed (such as Photoshop, 3D studio max, or Acrobat Professional).

See WindowsInstall for more information.


Backups are done nightly and include only user profile (which includes Desktop and My Documents) and the C:\Users\ directory, not applications. Windows backups are kept on \\\BackupData\. Each user's domain account should have read access to their respective folder, but if you are unable to access it anyone with administrator access (joshuadf, det) can retrieve the files for you.

See WindowsBackup for more information.


Windows Servers provide the following services: