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    5757Another new feature that is available but disabled by default is the ability to keep your desktop, my documents folder, and/or start menu synchronized on any system you log into. Also they will be backed up in the same location as your home folder, and whatever changes you make will be kept track of and maintained on any domain computer you log onto. (This isn’t all that different from just keeping files maintained inside your home folder share but perhaps just slightly more automated. If you are interested in this feature contact the domain system administrator to have it enabled.) 
    60 == Connecting from home via VPN == 
    62 Quick Steps to setting up VPN: 
    63  1. Goto Start-> Control Panel -> Network Connections 
    64  2. Click on 'Create New Connection' (On win2K it will be a icon, on winXP it will be on the left sidebar) 
    65  3. Click next on the wizard panel that appears. 
    66  4. On the next screen select the option that says 'Connect to Network' or something similar. (On win2k it will be the 3rd option, on XP it will be the second.) 
    67  5. If it asks you dial-up or VPN select VPN 
    68  6. On the next few screens it will ask for the Server Name and the Server IP address, but the order will depend on the version of windows. Just make sure the IP is set to and the name doesn't matter, you can set it to the same as the IP if you like. 
    69  7. Finish the wizard and the shortcut will be placed on your desktop, and will also appear in the Control Panel -> Network Connections window. 
    70  8. Double click the shortcut icon and connect using your Domain Username and Password.