Welcome, if you are reading this page then most likely you have received a user account for use here at SIG. This guide will help you make the most out of this new account.

What an account provides for a user

  • Access to any machine that is a part of the domain (such as all lab computers) with a single username and password.
  • Keeping essential files inside the home directory on a single computer allows for guaranteed backup of those files no matter which computer you are working on.

In addition to these there are numerous benefits to administration as well, such as increased security, centralized user account management, and as well as automated rollout of patches and updates.

What is still the same about using a SIG account?

  • Once you are logged in, you are working on that machine just the same as if you logged on to any computer. The only things that are happening remotely are the verification of your username and password.
  • Keep in mind that software does not get backup up like your settings. The software that you see will be software that is installed on that computer. This is usually not a problem since the most common software is installed on most of the machines.

What is different about using a SIG account?

Prior to using a domain, logging into a workstation was simply a matter of entering a username and password. However, there is now a distinction between the logging in locally and logging in using a domain account. Here is the new login screen:

(If all you see is the username and password boxes you can be sure to press the options button.) Basically, if you want to log in using your universal domain account choose SIG, and if you want to log into a local account (which is the old method in which accounts are different for each system) choose ‘computer name’ (this computer).

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