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Windows Backup

Windows backups are kept on vomer, running scripts using robocopy.exe from Task Scheduler. Users must keep data in their profile (which includes Desktop and My Documents) or the C:\Users\ directory for it to be backed up.

To restore: All of the files backed up are located on Vomer and are available via network shared folders, located on\BackupData?\. Each user has a separate folder where their backed up files are kept, with the same folder structure as on their original machine. Each user's domain account should have read access to their respective folder, but if you are unable to access it anyone with administrator access can retrieve the files for you.

The users' folders are backed up every day, with weekly snapshots made and pushed to a 200G backup drive on viscus.

Archives for Windows Backup

The backup data (in the form of .bkf files) for for inactive machines are kept in the folder F:\archives\ on viscus.

Here is a list of the machines that have archived backup data (as of 8/9/2006):