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Web application generation

Also know as MVC (model view controller) or CRUD (CReate Update Delete) applications.

Open source

None known other than SeedPod, though you could use something like PhpMyAdmin. SeedPod is different in that it is model-driven and has the expectation that single model may be tweaked and used to build several similar but not identical systems.

Commercial products

We may want to evaluate these. Not sure how well they handle complex schemas.

Qrimp - $99 developer edition, $1999 Enterprise, $4999 Royalty Free Distributable

DBQwikSite - free personal edition; $180 for "unlimted pages"

Alpha Five - $399 developer plus $699 for Web App Server

dQuery - $795,2704,1883602,00.asp

AwareIM - $999 for 10 user version


These probably do not meet our extendability needs

Online Only

These probably do not meet our data privacy needs, but they are a good source of ideas:


There are many many programming frameworks that all claim to help you build "quick" or "rich" web applications if you learn their API.

Perhaps the current favorite is Ruby on Rails. See "Skip the CRUD: Building a Simple Database Backed Web Application Using Ruby on Rails"

UW Catalyst developed one called Solstice. It is written in perl and leverages campus knowledge.