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The vSPARQL GUI is a Flex application for creating vSPARQL view definitions. The GUI allows view definitions to be created in a dataflow-style. Individual subqueries in the view definition can be executed and their results inspected to determine if they are correct.

Building the vSPARQL GUI

The vSPARQL GUI is implemented in Flex. It is constructed using and Degrafa A SWF file for the vSPARQL GUI is available here. [vsparql_oh_degrafa.swf]

The vSPARQL GUI connects to a vSPARQL service, which is a vSPARQL server running inside of Tomcat The vSPARQL GUI sends queries to http://localhost:8080/VSparQL_Service/QueryHandler.

Running a vSPARQL Service

To get the GUI up and running, first install Tomcat We have successfully used Tomcat 5. If not already set up, create a manager password by adding the following to the tomcat-users.xml file in the Tomcat installation.

<user name="user1" password="password1" roles="standard,manager" />

Start Tomcat.

Using Tomcat's http://localhost:8080/Manager/html interface, deploy a vSPARQL Service containing the vSPARQL GUI to Tomcat. A vSPARQL Service .war file can be used to start the service in Tomcat. (TODD: Can you explain how to create this?)