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The vSPARQL GUI is a Flex application for creating vSPARQL view definitions. The GUI allows view definitions to be created in a dataflow-style. Individual subqueries in the view definition can be executed and their results inspected to determine if they are correct.

The vSPARQL GUI connects to a vSPARQL service, which is a vSPARQL server running inside of Tomcat The vSPARQL GUI sends queries to http://localhost:8080/VSparQL_Service/QueryHandler.

Running a vSPARQL Service

To get the GUI up and running, first install Tomcat We have successfully used Tomcat 5. If not already set up, create a manager password by adding the following to the tomcat-users.xml file in the Tomcat installation.

<user name="user1" password="password1" roles="standard,manager" />

Start Tomcat.

Using Tomcat's http://localhost:8080/Manager/html interface, deploy a vSPARQL Service containing the vSPARQL GUI to Tomcat. A vSPARQL Service .war file can be used to start the service in Tomcat. (TODD: Can you explain how to create this?)