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    60602. The tree and list views [[BR]]
    61613. The main visualization workspace [[BR]]
    62 4. The visualization workspace outline
     624. The visualization workspace pop-up menu [[BR]]
     635. The visualization workspace outline
    6465=== 1. The toolbar and system menus ===
    7576Properties in the visualization workspace are displayed as directed edges, starting at the subject of the RDF triple and going to the object, with the edge label consisting of the property name. Nodes are displayed in blue colored rectangles labeled with the name of the node. A node may be selected and moved by clicking and dragging it in the workspace. Positioning the mouse pointer over a node’s information icon [[Image(info_icon.png, left)]] will display the total number of incoming and outgoing edges for the node and the full name of the node. Clicking on the show children button [[Image(show_children_icon.png, left)]] will make all of the node's child nodes visible. Note that this button is only displayed in nodes that have children.
     78=== 4. The visualization workspace pop-up menu ===
    7779Additional functionality for further visualization and exploration of the RDF is made available to the user in a pop-up menu which is accessed by right clicking in the main visualization workspace. As well as the basic cut, copy, paste, delete and undo actions, three submenus group actions into select actions, group actions and show/hide actions. The select submenu has options to select all of the nodes, none of the nodes, the children of a particular node or the entire subtree rooted at a particular node. The group submenu has options which allow for a number of nodes to be grouped together and then collapsed into a single representative group node. The group may then be expanded and collapsed as a single unit, or opened in a separate visualization workspace for more detailed manipulation. The show/hide submenu provides a variety of choices for manipulating currently visible nodes: show or hide the child nodes, parent nodes or the subtree rooted at that node. There are also options to show or hide the entire graph, or just the selected portion of the graph.
    79 === 4. The visualization workspace outline ===
     81=== 5. The visualization workspace outline ===
    8082An outline of the main visualization workspace is provided at the bottom left-hand side of the screen, with a dark blue rectangle indicating the fraction of the workspace currently being viewed. The visualization workspace may be navigated by clicking and dragging on this rectangle.  [[BR]] [[BR]]