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Here are the directory contents of /usr/local/data/ on vagal with sizes as of April 2006:

  • Various in-use files:
    801M	cvsroot/
    3.3G	i386-linux/
    1.8G	share/
    308M	www/
  • Dumps of the FMA and WIRM repos:
    313M	data13/Protege-backups
    183M	data13/repo_backups
  • Various archived files (note: skandha depends on /usr/local/data/archive/people/hinshaw/crown/hinshaw/:
    59G	archive/
    383M	data15/gyrus
    20K	ip30-irix64/
    25M	redhat/

Data directories:

  • 3D models and DA Atlas files:
    15G	data18/vh
    1.5G	data1/brain
    48K	data1/embryo
    8.0K	data1/ether
    284K	data1/fish
    2.0M	data1/kraig
    31M	data1/kxray
    108K	data1/logos
    6.4M	data1/manuals
    8.0K	data1/pana
    473M	data1/rausch
    204K	data1/rogerneuron
    2.1M	data1/scans
    36K	data1/video_server
    7.4M	data1/VisibleHuman
    1.2G	data1/zygote
    60M	data2/brainhumold
    88M	data2/brainjeffold
    827M	data2/browser
    54M	data2/corslaborig
    13M	data2/duckert
    3.1M	data2/kbbackup
    19M	data2/knowledge
    48M	data2/mri
    1.8M	data2/servers
    71M	data2/stemnew
    370M	data2/webatlases
  • Human Brain Project and other brain data:
    2.2G	data3/brainproject
    89M	data3/scanner
    1.1G	data4/brainproject
    3.6G	data5/brainproject
    3.0G	data6/brainproject
    1.1G	data7/brainproject
    2.4G	data8/brainproject
    11G	data9/brainproject
    6.2G	data10/brainproject
    56G	data11/hbp
    86G	data12/autism
    9.5G	data12/brainproject
    3.9G	data12/TMS
    574M	data14/brainproject
    6.4G	data17/corina
    153M	data17/cramer
    761M	data17/richards