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Computer Support Notes

UW IT Support

Any problems such as network or wireless outage should be reported to help@u. There are also some specific mailing lists you may want to check listed at DNS and IP address requests are also handled by help@u.


Phone number (G-520 office) is

206 543-9207

Our shipping address:

1959 NE Pacific St
HSB G-520
Seattle, WA 98195

UW Eprocurement

I'd be happy to help if you need any technical information on the options.

  • Go to

  • Click the "Access Eprocurement" graphic
  • Log in using your UWNetID
  • Search for a vendor (i.e., Dell) or click on a name (i.e., CDW).
  • Click "BUY FROM SUPPLIER" to get UW pricing.
    • To order most items you need a procard or to create an equote (see below)
    • You can directly download a few items such as Office or Windows via special links on the CDW/UW homepage. Note that newer versions of Office for Windows and Windows itself require using either a Key Management Server (KMS) or a Multiple Activation Key (MAK) and the UW KMS server is only available from on campus. Also they "activate" regularly, at least every 180 days, not just at install.

You should use the "Campus Desktop" one since it's really "institutionally owned devices", but there's a big caveat:

Dell EQuote

  • Search for "Dell" in Eprocurement and click "BUY FROM SUPPLIER"
  • Note: the systems shown on that first page are almost always the best deals, but only offer a limited selection. You can get back to that page by clicking on "Products" at the top.
  • After adding items, click "My Cart" in the top left and there is a "Save as E-quote" link. Fill the form and Dell will send an email to the address you specify. Our dept budget person need only the Equote number and email, with approval for budget number and total amount.
  • FYI, you can make discounted personal purchases at

Warranty and Support information

With your serial number or service tag, you can get warranty information from:

Call them or the Computer Maintenance Group for repairs.

There is also (if you don't have a login, create one and choose "IT Professional"). If there's a problem, you can contact Dell through email (Navbar->Contact Us->Higher Education->Technical Support->E-mail Product Support). Tell them in detail all the steps you have taken to save correspondence time; if it's a part you can replace yourself be sure to mention that no on-site tech is needed. If you really want to call Dell Support, the number is 1-800-274-7799 x 48335. has online pickup scheduling for returns, or you can call 1-800-225-5345 (1-800-CALL-DHL). For shipping not covered by Dell, you may also use the UW UPS website.

Packing Material Disposal

Please consolidate all flattened cardboard into one stack at the intersection between H and G wings. The Green Recycle bins are only intended for paper recycling and small flattened boxes, not large stacks of cardboard.

There is a huge bag for peanut recycling in F-wing on the 5th floor. The other stuff can go in or next to your garbage cans. You can look here if you have any more questions (rules change periodically):

UW Support Reps

You can always ask techsupport@u for more current or alternate information.

If you need to contact a campus reps (current April 2010):

Dee Dee Ramirez (
Jason Schwartz
Direct Phone: (312) 705-9068 | Toll Free: (866) 339-7098

Jeff Mahaffa, Lenovo USA
Ph: 425.432.4019

Scott Komine, Office Depot

Iron Mountain
   V: (866) 352-1173  x138 toll free
   V: (425) 420-1288  direct