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I've set up a subversion repository to play around with, we can start using subversion for real after some practice (and when I get the time to add the email notifications, web interface, and some docs) . For now, it's accessible only via SSH, at:


For example, list modules with

svn list svn+ssh://

You don't need Subversion environment variables except optionally SVN_EDITOR (default is nano). All authentication is done via SSH. If you'd like to try it out, I recommend reading the one-page Quick Start.

You can skip creating the repository (the "svnadmin create /path/to/repos" step), and replace the example URL file:///path/to/repos example with svn+ssh://lamina/src

A couple other useful links:

subversion online book (local PDF copy)

Complete svn command referenece (or use svn help cmdname):

table reference of cvs vs svn commands