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     1Skandha4 is a graphics engine used by several SIG projects, 
     2including the Dynamic SceneGenerator and the BrainBrowser.  
     3Much more information is available at the  
     4[ Skandha4 project page] 
     5This page is mostly about how to help the skandha4 servers  
     6running on Linux machines limp along. 
     8== Installing Skandha == 
     9Currently it is very difficult to get skandha to compile since 
     10skandha code has not been updated for a long time, but there 
     11have been changes in opengl and other libraries. The good news 
     12is that you probably won't need to since Andrew did it once and 
     13his binary works fine. Most of the projects primarily use lisp 
     14code which you can edit without recompiling skandha. 
     16=== Picky about paths === 
     17There are several hard-coded paths that skandha expects to find, 
     18mostly in the lisp code. Most should be available through a 
     19combination of NFS mounts and symbolic links. The exception is  
     20`/usr/people/hinshaw`, which is available at  
     23ls -ld /usr/people/andrew 
     24ls -ld /usr/people/brinkley 
     25ln -s /usr/local/data/archive/people/hinshaw/crown/hinshaw/ /usr/people/hinshaw 
     26ln -s /usr/local/data/data* /usr/local 
     27ln -s /usr/local/data/share/skanhda4 /usr/local/share/skanhda 
     28ln -s /usr/local/data/share/skanhda4 /usr/local/share/skanhda4 
     30So you should have all the directories like `/usr/local/data1` 
     31and `/usr/local/data11`. 
     34=== Lock file workaround === 
     36There is a hardcoded temporary lock file path in  
     37`src/skandha4/pub/xcore/c/flck.c` and sometime the 
     38code broke and the first skandha to start up never 
     39releases the lock. So if you need to run more than 
     40one skandha do this: 
     42touch /usr/tmp/.kblock  
     43chmod 000 /usr/tmp/.kblock  
     45I haven't seen any ill effects of preventing the lock. 
     47=== Getting the files === 
     48Here's a little script I made to get the skandha tree from Kevin's home