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     1= Signing_MindSeer = 
     3I have set it up so that the keys used to MindSeer live at the base directory of the 2 computers it is deployed from (uvula and femur).  The certificates are self issued, so users will see a nasty warning message.  In the future it may be beneficial to buy a certificate from an authority. 
     5Another important note is that all jar files from the same server need to have the same certificate. 
     7For now we can sign the jar files in the following steps: 
     8 1. Generate the Jar files:  [wiki:MindSeer_Stable_Deployment] ''or''  [wiki:MindSeer Development Deployment] 
     9 1. Call {{{jarsigner -keystore ~/.keystore -storepass key-store-pass jar-file brainj3d}}} where {{{jar-file}}} is the name of the file to sign and {{{key-store-pass}}} is the key store's password.  It is currently the same password as the system login.  The keystore file is the default {{{~/.keystore}}}. 
     11For convenience, user mindseer on femur now has a small script that: 
     12 1. Expects MindSeer.jar, MindSeer-client.jar and MindSeer-server.jar to be in pwd. 
     13 1. autojars the resources together (bundles those jars and the required class files from some libraries). 
     14 1. signs the client and standalone. 
     15 1. deploys them to the proper directories. 
     16 1. resets the server. 
     18The script is ~mindseer/ 
     20In the future it should pack200, jardiff and other niceties to reduce bandwidth. 
     22For more information see: 
     23[ Sun's Summary of Security Tools]