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     1The following should provide you with instructions as well as the essential components you will need to interact with an updating copy of the FMA served from one of SIGs servers. 
     3First, if you want to access a frequently updating version of the FMA, it will work best to stick with the database schema used by the live FMA. This means using a version of Protege that is not the latest. I suggest using the same version that Onard uses which is v2.1.2 and can be downloaded here: 
     5Protege 2.1.2 installer: 
     7In addition to the basic Protege install, you will want to add a couple more things. These are provided in the attached zip file. Unzip to a temporary location and copy as follows: 
     91. Copy the file driver.jar into the main Protege_2.1 directory. 
     102. Copy the folder and its contained jar into the "plugins" directory inside of the Protege2.1 installation. 
     113. Copy the file fma_current.pprj to anywhere convenient for accessing from Protege (this will be your project file). 
     13If you have already started Protege 2.1, shut it down. Start Protege 2.1. Open fma_current.pprj. You should see the FMA.