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SeedPod is Hao's thesis project.

It takes a Protégé knowledge base and creates an Experiment Mangement System (EMS) including a relational database with a webapp frontend. More information can be found in SIG project page at

Latest code being worked on by joshuadf is at source:seedpod/trunk/seedpod.


As of March 2008, the transformation works well but must be run from the command line.

Unfortunately Protege has no "read-only" projects, so the files change whenever they are opened. For this reason I recommend copying a project from the seedpod/KnowledgeBase/ directory so that the large project files are not frequently committed to SVN.

Here is how from the command line:

svn co svn+ssh:// latestseedpod
cd latestseedpod
cp KnowledgeBase/test2* /tmp/
ant compile
java -cp build/classes:WebContent/WEB-INF/lib/protege32b355.jar edu.washington.biostr.sig.seedpod.kb2db.Application /tmp/test2.pprj somename /tmp/

You should end up with these SQL files which you can put in a PostgreSql database:


If you want to edit the Protege project, I recommend using

Older Seedpod Versions

There is a Single-Unit Recording EMS demo.

Older code:

  • 2007 December seedpod2.0 - this is what Hao has on her laptop. She may commit something which joshuadf will port to the trunk.
  • 2006 source:KBtoDB converts the Protégé KB into a relational schema and a template for a webapp frontend
  • 2005 version in CVS: src/brain/seedpod