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     1The Dynamic Scene Generator is an old Skanda4 project that runs  
     2on quad from Kevin's home directory. The project page is  
     4and has links to start the servers and to the demos. 
     5For anatomical terms, the DSG uses the old FMS TermServer on tela. 
     6The current test version is at  
     9== Testing == 
     11 1. Click  "Scene builder: thorax models" 
     12 1. Type "Thoracic vertebral column" in lower right frame, where it says "Type a Structure Name". 
     13 1. Click "Perform operation" 
     15If it doesn't work, try killing all the servers on quad and restarting it. 
     16(A good test for the skull is "frontal bone".) 
     18== Startup == 
     20The servers do not start automatically, but should normally 
     21keep running after being started. You can check on quad for  
     22something like this: 
     25quad:/home/hinshaw/src/skandha4.Linux# ps xau|grep hinsha 
     26www-data  5717  0.0  5.1 61268 53116 ?       S    10:06   0:00 /usr/people/hinshaw/src/skandha4.Linux/bin/skandha4.bin -p63070 xdada-server-thorax.lsp 
     27www-data  5878  0.0  5.1 61268 53116 ?       S    10:11   0:00 /usr/people/hinshaw/src/skandha4.Linux/bin/skandha4.bin -p63070 xdada-server-thorax.lsp 
     28www-data  5881  0.0  0.3  5172 3832 ?        R    10:11   0:00 /usr/local/bin/perl /home/hinshaw/cgi-bin/dsg-thorax/builder.cgi 
     32== Install == 
     34Here are some steps condensed from the  
     35[ DSG Installation Instructions] 
     37First you need to follow the steps in SkandhaInstall, noting the path at which you 
     38installed skanhda. Also make sure `ImageMagick-perl` and `perl-Net-Telnet` are installed, 
     39which you can do like this: 
     41up2date ImageMagick-perl 
     43rpm -Uhv perl-Net-Telnet-3.03-1.2.el4.rf.noarch.rpm  
     45And the setup: 
     47adduser dsg 
     48su - dsg 
     49cvs co -d dsg-src src/scenes/graphics-server 
     50chmod 755 /home/dsg 
     51mkdir /home/dsg/public_html 
     52mkdir /home/dsg/cgi-bin 
     53cd public_html 
     54cp -r /home/dsg/dsg-src dsg-skull 
     55ln -s /home/dsg/public_html/dsg-skull/cgi-bin/ /home/dsg/cgi-bin/dsg-skull 
     56cd dsg-skull/cgi-bin/ 
     57grep -v '#' > 
     58sed -i 's;dsg;dsg-skull;g'  
     59sed -i 's;USERNAME;dsg;g' 
     60sed -i "s;MACHINE;`hostname -s`;g" 
     61sed -i 's;/usr/people/hinshaw/src/skandha4.Linux/;/home/dsg/src/my/;g' 
     62sed -i 's;/usr/people/;/home/;g' 
     63sed -i 's;server.lsp;server-skull.lsp;g' 
     64for i in cache error results scenesdir state tmp; do 
     65        mkdir /home/dsg/public_html/dsg-skull/$i 
     66        # apache needs to write to it 
     67        chmod 775 /home/dsg/public_html/dsg-skull/$i 
     71Also when I could only get PNG to work with skandha on RHEL 
     72I did this: 
     73 .sed all references to jpeg to png in cgi scripts 
     74 .comment out the IM tiff lines in builder_viewer.cgi 
     75 .convert images/*jpeg to png 
     78# as root 
     79cd /home/dsg/public_html/dsg-skull/ 
     80for i in cache error results scenesdir state tmp; do 
     81        chgrp apache $i 
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