The Query Manager is an evolving application for creating, saving, searching and executing queries over RDF and XML sources. Some of these queries may be designed to be views, but essentially any query is a view since they all return XML, which is itself queryable.

Development staging

The Query Manager is being developed primarily by Todd Detwiler on his personal machine(s). Code is checked into svn and is visible at The Query Manager also accesss different query processing services that are also in svn. TODO - we need an architectural diagram.

Alpha versions of the Query Manager will be deployed at Once that is relatively stable it will be installed at, which is the link pointed to on the views project page.

Features in alpha version

Note that these are subject to change without notice

  • Template service

Example template query

Results generated by running template query 95 with the Skull as an argument

Results generated by running template query 95 with the Neurocranium as an argument


Restarting tomcat server: /etc/init.d/tomcat5 restart

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