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    6666 [Note that the above query produces Contains relationships that are different than those actually present in the ontology. In RadLex, the interscalene triangle space contains the neurovascular bundle of interscalene triangle. The latter has parts such as middle trunk of brachial nerve plexus. In the query output middle trunk of brachial nerve plexus is shown as being directly contained in the space.] 
     688. Given a bony landmark, retrieve all myotendinous structures attaching at this site (like query #5 above, but the results are finer grained, but non-ligament, structures). 
     70 As further clarified by Ken: By "myotendinous" I mean structures which relate to a muscle-tendon unit.  In your sample output you also include ligaments, which I consider different from myotendinous structures.  In light of all of this, I wonder if I may request a query which takes in a bony site, and returns all structures (myotendinous or ligamentous) which attach at that site, or at parts of that site.  In particular, while this would involve traversal of the part hierarchy of the bony site, it does not involve such traversal of the attaching structures.  That is, for coracoid process, the query also retrieves attachments at the regional part apical portion of coracoid process.  But whatever those attaching structures are, may simply be returned as is, without traversal of their part hierarchies. 
     72 * Query in QI: 
     73 * Example REST call: (coracoid process) 
    6875== NOTE == 
    6976Some browsers have a problems with redirected URLs, like PURLs and query fragments (the part of the URL after the '#' symbol). If you experience this problem, try replacing the purl part of the URLs as follows: