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Queries over the Ontology of Craniofacial Development and Malformation (OCDM)

These are queries saved in the Query Integrator database. Execute them by clicking the Execute button in the QI interface. Queries are not always guaranteed to work since the ontology is constantly changing. Note that the first link is preferred since it can be re-directed to different machines as we move our servers around. However, not all browsers do this redirection properly, so the second link is the current actual machine location. Both links should take you to the same place.

  1. Mappings between human and mouse parts of the nose
  1. Facial landmarks associated with the right nasal bone
  1. Developmental lineage of the structures involved in cleft lip
  1. Face Base Hub mouse data annotated with any structure in the developmental lineage of cleft lip. This query calls query 364.