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Command Line

MindSeer client and standalone can take files on the command line. The rules are as follows:

  • The files must to Files or URLs
  • Any workspace specified must come first
  • Non local URLs can only specify single file data (so no Analyze files, but nii files would be ok)
  • !URL signals that this data should be loaded into whatever view was loaded last.


(new lines added for clarity and #comments were also added, this is one command.)

java -Xmx400m -jar MindSeer.jar
 "/Users/eider/IBP Projects/Data/P117/P117.bvx"                #load a workspace
 "/Users/eider/IBP Projects/Data/P117/struct/" #load a surface
 "!/Users/eider/IBP Projects/Data/P117/stats/spmF_0007.hdr"    #add a volume to the surface's view