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Deploying MindSeer Stable

To aid in deployment, there is a special ant build file called deploy.xml. The most comprehensive script is package-all. This script requires that you set the property password to the keystore password (see Signing_MindSeer. It generates:

  1. MindSeer.jar (standalone, requires netcdf2)
  2. MindSeer-server.jar (server, requires netcdf2 and fastutil)
  3. MindSeer-client.jar (no external dependencies)
  4. doc directory (javadoc)
  5. (The source distribution with required libraries)
  6. (The client/server distribution with javadocs)
  7. (Standalone distribution with javadocs)

ant -buildfile deploy.xml package-all -Dpassword=KEYSTORE_PASSWORD

All of these files should be copied to public_html, make sure that the launching file (scripts/ is in cgi-bin.

If there is a server running, put MindSeer-server.jar into the server directory and reset the server.