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Starting the package guide

Package Overview

While there are many packages in MindSeer, there is a method to the madness. To begin with, a good deal of the structure is designed to eliminate circular dependencies. Also things are split up so that some packages could be broken off with relatively little work for use in other projects.


Packages in this hierarchy are owned by the University of Washington and the long name follows Java guidelines.


These files represent the core of MindSeer


The vault classes were originally conceived as a library for metadata about files. It is not known if this library could be used externally from MindSeer. It contains most of the MindSeer independent logic for displaying, querying and building a data set. The original design was a little ambitious and so users can create alternate backing stores using databases or basic maps.


These are the central classes for creating nodes, associating meta data and creating collections (DataVault?) of files with metadata. It also contains classes to execute queries.


This includes classes for displaying and rearranging trees in Swing.


These classe include filters for file types and utilities for files.


These classes were supposed to handle synchronization of the vault. They are not used or tested.

xml ===

The xml package contains classes to convert a Data Vault to or from XML.


Generic NIFTI classes live here. They can be used as an external library for reading NIFTI files. Because it also handles SPM's transform, this library depends on matfile.


These classes are responsible for reading a Matlab version 4 or 5 file and converting it into Java objects. They are a separate library from MindSeer.


Packages in this hierarchy are copyrighted by Eider Moore. They were from his personal library and released under the LGPL.