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    44== edu.washington.biostr.sig ==
    5 Packages in this hierarchy are owned by the University of Washington and the long name follows Java guidelines.
     5Packages in this hierarchy are owned by the University of Washington and the long name follows Java guidelines.  This also includes 3 classes.  These classes handle creating and managing objects with unique ids across communicating platforms.  This is also where the base class for SynchronizationObserver lives.
    77=== brainj3d ===
    8 These files represent the core of MindSeer
     8These files are what make up MindSeer.
     10==== colors ====
     11Colors contain classes related to color schemes (which assign colors to intensity values) and some utilties (class Colors) for converting strings to colors and back again.
     13==== controls ====
     14These are custom SwingHTMLObjects and collections.  They are in a separate package because they are compiled into the Client version.
     16==== core ====
     17The core comprises the central classes for ensuring that MindSeer works.  These include most communication links, the client UI, the Viewport, MindSeer specific Data Set classes (the generic classes are in the vault package) and the security protocol.
     19===== client =====
     20This includes the Client Manager (which manages communication and acts as a central hub), the callback mechanism, and the client UI (the menus and the base class for Layout Managers).
     22====== guicomponents ======
     23These are client specific user interface items like the Splash Screen during login and the popup to save data.
     25====== layout ======
     26Concrete implementations of Layout Managers and helper files live here.
     28===== display =====
     29These classes extract user displayable names for objects in trees and lists.
     31===== files =====
     32Files contain the MindSeer specific data set details.  These refer to the Data Set as a Workspace and include details on creating a tree for the data set.
     34===== security =====
     35The security files contain the details on establishing and enforcing permissions for users and groups.  This delves heavily into the Java security model.  Most of these are package private for security purposes.
    1037=== vault ===
    2350These classes were supposed to handle synchronization of the vault.  They are not used or tested.
    25 ==== xml ===
     52==== xml ====
    2653The xml package contains classes to convert a Data Vault to or from XML.