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     1== Interface CreateFileFilter ==
     2Implementations of the CreateFileFilter interface declare the types of supported files.  They also link decoders and encoders to file types through static calls to the factory-class CodecFactory.  There are several useful file type helpers in the edu.washington.biostr.sig.vault.files package for defining these types.
     4== Interface Decoder ==
     5Implementations of the Decoder interface are designed to load a specified file, or a group of files, into a single, corresponding instance of the Data class.  Decoders are called upon to load these files to respond to user or programmatic requests to load a file group that has not already been loaded or is not currently in memory.  Each type of Decoder is only expected to handle at least one file type (or group of file types).
     7For XML there is an abstract class DefaultXMLDecoder
     10== Interface Encoder ==
     11Implementations of the Encoder interface are designed to write an instance of the Data class out to a single file or a group of files.  Encoders are called upon to save the files at a user’s request.  Encoders may also be used to save the data to a temporary disk cache during low memory conditions, if the programmer deems the encoder sufficiently fast.  Each type of Encoder is only expected to handle at least one Data type.
     13For XML there is an abstract class DefaultXMLEncoder