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Developer Documentation


  • Currently there are assertions in the shwing package. These ensure the proper thread, but will fail in Client/Server? mode. -ea:edu.washington.biostr.sig.brainj3d.shwing... to enable just these assertions and -da:edu.washington.biostr.sig.brainj3d.shwing... to disable just these assertions
  • There are many other assertions spread around, to enable these use -ea. On the server make sure to disable shwing assertions.


Graphical Diagram

File Formats

MindSeer supports various common file formats. These formats were chosen to either maximize compatibility or when we need to make a custom format, XML was used. MindSeer will read files the are gzipped for all formats (add ".gz" to the extension).

Volume File Formats

  • Analyze 7.5 (with SPM extensions)
  • Minc

Model File Formats

  • MAT file (version 4 or 5) with 2 data matrices (faces and vertices)
  • Geomview (OFF format is supported and we plan support for MESH format.) A modified OFF format is the default output format, Model Format).

Image File Formats

  • MindSeer supports all image file formats that are in java.imageio.ImageIO. These include the built in formats (jpg, gif(read only), png, bmp, wbmp) and any formats that were installed separately.
  • To add TIFF support go to ImageIO Download and download the latest ImageIO package. Follow the instructions.

Other File Formats

  • Workspace
  • Map file (XML, default map format)
  • Legacy Map File (SKANDHA Brain Mapper)