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Bug Reports

This page is where the latest up to date bugs will be tracked. If you find a bug, please post it here. The rules for bug posting are:

  • Please confirm it is a new bug.
  • Give it an identity and a page.
  • Mark the version number.
  • Include a brief description here.
  • Include as much information as possible.
  • When editing a bug, consider carefully before deleting anything.
    • It is a better general rule to only change misleading information.

Bug Report Template

Known Bugs

  • Development
    1. Cutaway does not refresh when the user adds a new volume or changes the appearance
    2. Undo/Redo? seem to break for appearance changes on the Volume Viewer
    3. In the Volume Viewer there is exactly one no op in the second undo position
    4. The initial Vault that pops up will break when saving. This is because it doesn't have a default save location.
    5. Double layout doesn't work
    6. Absolute 3D controls do not work.
    7. Save should dim for unsavable data.
  • Stable

note: I know these don't conform to the rules listed above.

Recently Fixed Bugs