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Some Diagrams to Explain MindSeer

Loading Data

  1. User requests data by double clicking on an item in the Data Set.
  2. The Client Manager takes the request and forwards it to the session.
  3. The Session requests the Data from the Data Manager
    • If the Data is in the cache, the DataManager? returns it.
    • Otherwise, it uses a Decoder to load it from a file.
  4. The Session requests the default Viewport for the given Data.
  5. The Viewport Factory (this is actually done by the Server Configuration) creates the default Viewport.
  6. The Session now takes the Viewport and the Data type and requests the best Data View.
  7. The Data View Factory produces the wrapper for the Data and it is added to the Viewport.
  8. The Viewport is finished being setup.
  9. The Session returns the Viewport to the Client Manager.
  10. The Client Manager displays the Viewport using the Layout Manager