File Formats

MindSeer supports various common file formats. These formats were chosen to either maximize compatibility or when we need to make a custom format, XML was used. MindSeer will read files the are gzipped for all formats (add ".gz" to the extension).

Volume File Formats

  • Analyze 7.5 (with SPM extensions)
  • Minc

Model File Formats

Image File Formats

  • MindSeer supports all image file formats that are in java.imageio.ImageIO. These include the built in formats (jpg, gif(read only), png, bmp, wbmp) and any formats that were installed separately.
  • To add TIFF support go to ImageIO Download and download the latest ImageIO package. Follow the instructions.

Other File Formats

  • Library File
  • Map file (XML, default map format)
  • Legacy Map File (SKANDHA Brain Mapper)
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