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MindSeer is a project for visualizing multimodality neuroimaging data. The purpose of this page is for documentation of the development version. In the future, a Wiki may be the best bet for all documentation, or at least a tips and tricks page.

Project Pages and Downloads



Deployment Notes

On the web page we need to include instructions in case the Java install sucks -> Control Panel->Java->clear cache

Related Projects

This is a list of related projects. These projects are either linked or a part of the source that can be broken off.

  • The MatFile project lives in MindSeer's source but can be broken off and used by other projects.

Stable Documentation

The current stable version is branch v0_5

  • MindSeer_Bug_Reports
  • To reset the server remotely:
    • ssh to the host computer
    • type ps -x
    • note the number of the process that looks like java -Xmx1200 -Xgc...
    • type kill # where # is the above number.
  • XML_to_MindSeer_Workspace to mine the results of X-Batch

Development Documentation