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    1 The current version of McAfee Virus Scan Enterprise is `8.5i`. 
    2 It is contained on the UWICK kit at 
     1The current version of Mc``Afee Virus``Scan Enterprise is `8.5i`. 
     3After logging in with your UWNetID, you can [ download just Virus``Scan] or [ the complete UWICK ISO] from UWARE. 
     5== Disabling On-Access Scan == 
     7By default Mc``Afee will scan all files on access, for example it will constantly scan all JAR files in Eclipse. You may want to turn off "On-Access Scan" by following these steps written up by [ Ohio State]: 
     9 * Right click on the VShield icon in the system tray and choose "Virus Scan Console". 
     10 * Right click the entry for "Access Protection" and choose "Properties". 
     11 * Un-check the option for "Prevent Mc``Afee services from being stopped" and click OK. 
     12 * The "Disable On-Access Scan" menu item should now be accessible when right-clicking the VShield icon.  
     14== Updates Fail == 
     15If you are having trouble updating Virus``Scan, follow the following steps detailed by Mark Mc``Nair of UW Technology: 
     18If you are having trouble getting that version installed from the UW mirrors: 
     20a) restart MS Windows and try again 
     21b) remove VirusScan, restart Windows, re-install VirusScan and try again 
     23If you still can't get version 5307 (or above, by the time you read this) 
     24note that you can also download the DAT files from the NAI Web page at: 
     28(* also a quick way to check what the most current version is... *) 
     30The automatic update of the UW mirrors is still not working, updates are 
     31being done manually, but the manual update procedure does seem to be 
     32resulting in a functioning mirror - this is a large step forward from 
     33where we were at the beginning of the week. We continue to grapple with 
     34the problem of restoring fully automatic "mirroring". 
     36While we are on the topic - 
     38Note that you can change your desktops to point directly at the NAI 
     39repository. You'll get updates sooner, but the process may take longer, 
     40and may fail a little more often compared to a local "mirror". Setting the 
     41NAI repository as an "alternate" may be of some value, but the local 
     42mirror doesn't "fail" (which would trigger use of an alternate) as much as 
     43it just gets "stale" (which doesn't pull the trigger). In VirusScan 
     44Console use Tools -> Edit AutoUpdate repository list to make these 
     48The full email thread is available but you need to [ join the TechSupport list] to access the archives: [ McAfee VirusScan update errors...].