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Good but slightly outdated guide at

On Mac to be the VNC server:

  • in System Preferences->Sharing, turn on Remote Login (ssh)
  • install Vine VNC Server (OSXvnc) from
  • configure to only run on localhost with "Only allow local connections (require SSH)"
  • set a password
    cd /Applications/'Vine'
    ./storepasswd YOURsecretPassw0rd  .osxvncauth

Then on client computer:

  • install a VNC client such as
  • forward the VNC port of the server mac through ssh and start Vine, such as
    ssh -L 5902: username@server-mac-computerip
    # after login, run:
    /Applications/'Vine'/osxvnc-server -rfbport 5901 -rfbauth /Applications/'Vine'/.osxvncauth
  • open your VNC client connect to localhost (not server-mac-computerip) AND screen 2 (aka port 5902)