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  1. Install MacOSX from DVD, default user UW SIG/uwsig
  2. Install various Apps/UWICK and run Software Update until there are no more updates
  3. In System Preferences:
    • Software Updates: run daily, download in background
    • Energy Saver: Never sleep, (under Options) restart automatically
    • Sharing: Enable Remote Login (SSH)

Other things to investigate:

  • LDAP for login info
  1. Launch Directory Access from /Applications/Utilities?
  2. Click on LDAPv3 and Configure...
  3. Click on New... and enter and chech the SSL box
  4. Choose the Unix template, and add the search base dc=sig,dc=biostr,dc=washington,dc=edu
  5. Click OK.
  6. In Terminal, verify with dscl localhost list /LDAPv3/

Automounting NFS shares

From CLI: mount -t nfs -o"-P" host:/foo /mnt

  1. Launch NetInfo Manager; it is located in the /Applications/Utilities? folder.
  2. Authenticate by clicking on the lock in the lower left corner.
  3. Click on the /mounts directory.
  4. Click on "New+" icon. An item named "new_directory" will appear.
  5. Double-click on the value "new_directory" for the "name" property and change it to "servername:/sharepoint".
  6. Select "New Property" from the "Directory" menu. Set the property name to "vfstype". Set the value to "nfs".
  7. Select "New Property" from the "Directory" menu. Set the property to "dir". If this sharepoint will mount dynamically, set the value to "/Network/Servers/?". If this is a statically mounted sharepoint, set the value to "/Network/sharepoint".