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Laptop Notes

In the past few years, laptops have taken over from desktops. There are many reasons for this, but here are a few of the big ones. Most of these are applicable to everyone, but especially for students using their own laptop.

  • Portability - take it to meetings, conferences, home, etc.
  • Size - it fits on the table in a coffee shop or airport seat
  • Upgrades - laptops are not as upgradable, but this has become less necessary. Two key parts, memory and hard drive, are usually very easy to upgrade in today's laptops
  • Personalization - personal settings and files can be mixed with work if it is your own computer

However, laptops have significant disadvantages:

  • More expensive for the same hardware
  • Use smaller screens (and today's desktops often support dual monitors)
  • When the battery dies they are more or less useless