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Lacie Biggest Quadra model 301248U

In 2007 we purchased a Lacie Biggest Quadra model 301248U to provide a direct-attached HardwareRaid for TimeMachine backups. One reason we chose this device is that it has a RS-232 serial port for monitoring health of the array; however, Lacie did not provide any monitoring tools and unfortunately the serial port has been removed from newer models of Lacie Biggest Quadra.

To monitor the Lacie Biggest Quadra using GNU Screen

Attach Lacie Biggest Quadra to a Linux machine using a basic serial cable. The serial settings (19200,8,N,1) are also detailed in the Lacie documentation.

# this captures all i/o in a file named "typescript"
script -f
# change baudrate default=19200 in this pyserial example script copied from /usr/share/doc/pyserial-*/examples/ 
#  wait for a few seconds, then type ESC and you should get the >>> prompt
#  then type "Ctrl-a d" to detach from screen

If you don't get the >>> prompt maybe something is wrong with your serial port or cable or settings. Don't forget to start the script again at system boot. Use screen -r to reattach or simply monitor the typescript file for changes. I use a cron script:

ps ax |grep '[l]'> /dev/null || /bin/echo -n ' not running!'

if [ /root/lacie-logs/timestamp -ot /root/lacie-logs/typescript ]; then
  echo 'New output in typescript file!'
  echo 'Hint: This means USB plug/unplug:'
  echo 'H-rst!S-Rst!Set Fearture= 0C Set Fearture= 45'
  echo '========== Begin output =============='
  tail -20 /root/lacie-logs/typescript

Notes about Lacie firmware

  • Shows drive model (ST31500341AS) but not drive serial number
  • No SMART information from the drives
  • RAID level but not which drive is the hot spare
  • No message on reboot of the computer the lacie device is attached to via USB or Firewire
  • Firewire plug/unplug has no message
  • USB plug/unplug message is H-rst!S-Rst!Set Fearture= 0C Set Fearture= 45 (yes, "fearture")
  • other hardware like ACS-75170 and Accusys InneRAID Slim User Manual use same instructions, so it seem to be a 3rd party firmware
  • To remotely reset the device, type "download" at the ">>>" prompt and choose "r" for reset; however this may hang MacOS
  >>> download
restart...GPIO 7F  02  00  00  00  00 AAA 01  01 
============= Biggest Quadra Download Mode ===========

Enter '1'    to Download Code (Firmware,BootCode) 
      'ESC'  exit                      
      'r'    reset                     ^M------------------------ Version: Boot ---- 10 (a)-----     

Creating a RAID set

  1. Unplug and back switch off the Lacie Biggest Quadra
  2. Set RAID level on back (RAID5+spare: 1 down, 2 up)
  3. Unlatch and slide each drive out a bit
  4. Plug in
  5. Turn on and back switch on
  6. Slide and latch each disk and follow instructions on LCD (below I inserted disk 1 last so it was default spare)
  7. Wait for initialization to complete which takes many hours
------------------------ Version: Boot ---- 10 (a)-----      00 <timeout...>
<run system>Host: 02 
##@@@@@@@  Biggest Quadra [ Version:1.02 ] @@@@@@@##(071128)
Serial No.. [ 0000000000000000   ^@]
RAID level ... [ R5 Spared ]

System Start
DISK 04  : ST31500341AS                            
(C,H,S,M,U,size)=( 3FFF  0010  003F  10  06  AEA87B30 )

DISK 02  : ST31500341AS                            
(C,H,S,M,U,size)=( 3FFF  0010  003F  10  06  AEA87B30 )

DISK 03  : ST31500341AS                            
(C,H,S,M,U,size)=( 3FFF  0010  003F  10  06  AEA87B30 )
RAID Adding... 00000000  0002  Total: 2794 GB H-rst!Set Fearture= 0C Set Fearture= 45 

(on1)K: 00  01 
KEY: 01 ON!
DISK 01  : ST31500341AS                            
(C,H,S,M,U,size)=( 3FFF  0010  003F  10  06  AEA87B30 )
H-rst!S-Rst!Set Fearture= 0C Set Fearture= 45 H-rst!S-Rst!Set Fearture= 0C Set Fearture= 45 
RAID Add done!

Replacing a drive

  • LCD screen alternates "Disk4 Fail" and "D3 Rebuild x.x% Total: 2794G"
  • Disk3 status light blue/alternating green/yellow
  • Disk4 status light stayed yellow/yellow

In typescript this means a drive (04 in this case) failed/removed and a rebuild started immediately using the hot spare:

(off4)K: 08  08 
KEY: 04 OFF!
RAID Adding... 00000000  0004  Total: 2794 GB 

Rebuild likewise takes a long time, roughly 21 hours for our 2.1T. The typescript log has no output until the same RAID Add done! message, though the LCD screen shows a percent completed and at the end D3 Rebuild 100% / 2794 GB OK!.

Adding a disk back in, same drive details as at boot:

(on4)K: 00  08 
KEY: 04 ON!
DISK 04  : ST31500341AS                            
(C,H,S,M,U,size)=( 3FFF  0010  003F  10  06  AEA87B30 )

If the drive you remove is the hot spare, it just says OFF!, followed in a few seconds with a KEY part which I assume means it has been added to the RAID config, followed by the disk details:


(on4)K: 00  08 
KEY: 04 ON!

DISK 04  : ST31500341AS                            
(C,H,S,M,U,size)=( 3FFF  0010  003F  10  06  AEA87B30 )